The Kallius Dynasty

A rival of the Aquinus


A rival to the Aquinus Dynasty…

What follows is what J.T. believes as truth. Some he recognizes as rumor, but the notes in Samual’s hand inked paper journals confirm the tragic stories he has been told; The stories of the fall of the Kallius, as well a the love that was shared between Samual and Zelinia, and the fury of Petriana.

Name: House Kallius

Standard/effigy/emblem: A simple coiled black asp.

Profit Factor: 34

Lord Captain: Petriana Kallius

Appearance: Tall, well proportioned, and often described as seductively attractive, Lord-captain Petriana has a dark and dangerous look. She moves with the casual grace of a Leitanruz jungle cat.

Disposition: Prideful, and aggressive. She knows she is the head of a young house and is very ambitious. Lord -captain Petriana was chosen through a ritual custom to head the family by her grandmother. Her grandmother was an outcast inquisitor who was given the choice of a warrant of trade or a bloody purge by her fellows. Petriana often has unique information which leads others to believe that the family has maintained a few of it’s more loyal information networks from her grandmother’s inquisition days.

Chief Seneschal: Harapus Lin’Zhu, a pariah. Harapus is a rare psykic null, a blank spot in the void. He is Petri’s trusted counselor and is almost always by her side. It is rumored that he is also by Petriana’s side to insure that no one ever learns that she is a psyker herself.

Navigator House Affiliation: The Magisterial House of Flornallim has agreed to supply navigators to the Kallius since the nomadic house of Majd’Naz has broken relations with them and sided with another of their enemy, House La’am Samsadfa.

Flagship: The Altum Pharus a Dauntless-class light cruiser. This ship is closer to a ship of war than most rogue trader cruisers and has destroyed or captured an unknown number of pirate ships which have been sold, traded or are used for slave transport.

Other Ships of Note: The Widow’s Bite, a Jericho-class pilgrim ship upgraded with extra armor and barracks. The Widow’s Bite acts as a decoy during privateering actions, usually with the Altum Pharus nearby.

Planetary Center of Operations: Zhendriam Quintus is a colony world begun in the seventh year of their warrant. It is in the furthest reaches of the Calixis but has prospered over the years predominantly due to imported slave labor (mostly minor heretics sentenced to slavery by the inquisition).

Business Interests of Note: Though their initial fortune comes from trading, the Kallius have become heavily involved in slave trading, privateering, and covert trade in Eldar artifacts (which they gain through privateering).

Military Forces of Note: The Kallius have their own small but elite corps of storm troopers. They train them from the youngest slaves they are able to take, find, or purchase. They are trained from the age of five or six to sixteen on the Death World of Haggen Minor where the surface is constantly scoured by solar storms and the safe cave systems are full of terrible creatures. These storm troopers are often called “scorchers” due to their preference for flame weapons and scorched earth warfare.


The Tragic Story…

As the senior staff gathers in the Lord-captains war room, they are greeted by a whirring servitor buzzing about the dimly lit room offering a tray of crystal snifters and a vintage dated botttle of amber hued Amesac. J.T. stands resting one hand on his throne, his back facing the small assembly. His thoughts hidden behind a distracted and grim expression as he stares out the observation window deep into the void.

When the staff finely settles, the clinking of glass subsides and shuffling quites as everyone comforts themselves in the dark velvety seats. An uncomfortable silence grips the room as they observe thier Lord-captain. Ruby clears her throught to snatch the attention of the seemingly distant Lord-captain.
His back still facing them J.T. launches into a tale about his missing father.
‘Many years ago a young Samual Aquinus had been introduced by my grandfather to an very influential allied family of rogue traders. You have all read the file on the Kallius, correct?’
Without waiting for a reply he continues on ‘Well, Eventually he met two young and very beautiful sisters, Petriana and Zelinia; efficaciously rising stars of the dynasty and granddaughters of the Matriarch.’

‘As the trade correlation developed between the two dynasties, so too did the bond between Samual and the young Zelinia. Their affinity for one another flurished and in time the two…fell in love. For obvious political and business reasons both consealed the relationship and hid their fidelity from their families.’

‘Durring this time the Aquinus and Kallius had eventually grown close enough for there to be a merger. Attending an informal but grandiose dinner of the two families, Samual was offered the hand of the oldest sister Petriana in marriage in order to strengthen the two dynasties profits and expand their reach throughout the sector.’

‘Needless to say, my short sited father could not accept the gracious offer as his tender heart belonged to Zelinia.’

A slight chuckel from J.T. reveals his feelings on the subject. ‘Petriana of course took a personal offense to the refusal.’

’It was a slap in the face to Kallius family as the Aquinus was the lesser of the two Dynasty’s.

‘On top of the insult, a mockery was made of the Kallius as Zelinia fled openly to Samual and proclaimed her love. Samual turned tail and was rushed by his courtiers, staff, and armsmen to his lander and quickly sped back to the Artemis.’

‘Zelinia shortly thereafter, had absconded with a stolen transport and while attempting to reach the Artemis was mistaken for an unknown craft and shot down by her own families defense forces.’

‘Soon after the incident, Petriana was appointed to head the dynasty. Each party blamed the other for the tragic death of Zelinia, and of course, the trade between the two dynasty’s immediately fell apart. Luckily many blamed the Kallius as word spread throughout the region, which resulted in heavy consequences. Other traders broke ties with the dynasty which brought the family near the brink of ruin.’

‘Petriana vengefully vowed to repay the Aquinus tenfold for the losses her family and dynasty has suffered.’

He turns around to face the group. ‘At some point we will…encounter members of this family or their representatives. I expect they will not be pleasant encounters, though I do expect to come out on top.’ He drains the last of his glass in one gulp. ‘Do not underestimate this witch and her entourage, she looks to wipe us clean from the slate of existance. Shoot first and ask questions later. Are we clear?’

The Kallius Dynasty

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