Planet11 full sr

XMP-12698 as the navigation tag assigned the this start system. This particular system has many planets and smaller orbiting bodies, most of which are beyond the biozone of the star. The star itself is relatively stable compared to many other stars in neighboring systems. The main planet of interest is the fifth planet in orbit around the sun. Technically designated as XMP-12698-5, it is usually referred to as simply, “5”. References to this system usually refer to simply to this planet.


This planet is a lush planet with only very narrow arctic regions. The surface is about 60% land mass. Almost all of the land mass is dominated by lush jungles, swamps, and forests. There are many mountain chains criss-crossing across the surface of the continents. Though they do not have towering peaks of mountains found on other planets, they are rugged nonetheless and present logistical obstacles to large movements of men and materials.


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