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Current date: 9.0790.816M41

Current Location

Current mission

  • Research all recovered datum.
  • Communicate with allied ships nearing system.
  • Locate and take prizes of Archeo-Design from XMP-12698, planet 5.

Current Endevours

Potential Endevours

The following are potential Endevours if the party decides to develop then.

  • Reestablish the Ministorun at Silence

Current news and rumors

Older news and rumors

  • Nothing Recent

Current Factors and Straship Stats

Current XP

XP Record

Warrant of Trade

A Warrant of Trade has been granted to the house of Aquinus.

Overview of the Imperium

Background on the Imperium may be found here

House Rules

  1. Characters
  2. Massed Battle Rules
  3. Ranged attacks in melee
  4. Creating a informant network
  5. Rules for Craftsmanship

Main Page

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