Tag: Talent


  • Berserker Charge

    The character has learned to put the whole force of his momentum behind his weapon blows. When the character charges into combat, few can stand before him. If the character uses the Charge Action, he gains a +20 bonus to Weapon Skill instead of +10.

  • Bulging Biceps

    *Prerequisites:* Strength 45 Whereas a weaker man would be sent flying when using heavy weapons, the character’s strong physique allows him to remain standing . The character can fire heavy weapons using Semi-Auto Burst or Full Auto Burst without bracing …

  • Combat Master

    *Prerequisites:* Weapon Skill 30 The character’s weapon seems to be everywhere at once, keeping many more opponents at bay in close combat than would seem possible. Opponents fighting the character in hand-to-hand combat gain no bonuses for outnumbering …

  • Crippling Strike

    *Prerequisites:* Weapon Skill 50 The character can land his blows precisely where they inflict the most harm, cutting into seams or hammering at weak points. When the character’s melee attack causes Critical Damage add +4 Damage.

  • Crushing Blow

    *Prerequisites:* Strength 40 The character has the ability to focus his entire body into close combat attacks. The character adds +2 to damage inflicted in melee.

  • Hardy

    *Prerequisites:* Toughness 40 The character’s constitution rebounds quickly from shock or injury. When undergoing medical treatment or healing from injures, the character recovers Damage as if Lightly Damaged.

  • Iron Jaw

    *Prerequisites:* Toughness 40 The character has taken blows from Orks and given back as good as he got. The character can bounce back from most strikes without ill effects. If ever Stunned, a successful Toughness Test allows the character to ignore the …

  • Nerves of Steel

    Long years on the battlefield enable the character to remain calm as fire impacts all around them. The character may re- roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning.

  • Unarmed Warrior

    *Prerequisites:* Weapons Skill 35, Agility 35 Due to extensive training in unarmed combat, the character’s unarmed combat attacks do 1d10–3 + Strength Bonus in Damage instead of 1d5–3. Because of the character’s advanced training against both armed and …

  • True Grit

    *Prerequisites:* Toughness 40 The character is able to shrug off wounds that would fell lesser men. Whenever the character suffers Critical Damage, halve the result (rounding up).

  • Basic Weapon Training

    *Talent Groups:* Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP and Universal The character has received Basic Weapon Training in a group of weapons, and can use them without penalty. The Universal group includes the Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma …

  • Deadeye Shot

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 30 The character’s rock-steady hand and hawk-like eyesight make him a dreaded marksman. No target, however precise, can escape his crosshairs. When making a called shot, the character suffers a –10 penalty instead of –20.

  • Die Hard

    *Prerequisites:* Willpower 40 Through either willpower or sheer stubbornness, the character refuses to cross into shadow. When the character suffers from blood loss, he may roll twice to avoid death.

  • Flame Weapon Training

    *Talent Groups:* Universal The sight of flaming streams of promethium brings joy to the Explorer’s heart and dread to his foes. He has mastered the art of a wide variety of flamer weapons. The Universal Talent group encompasses all non-Exotic weapons …

  • Heavy Weapon Training

    *Talent Groups:* Bolt, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, and SP The character can employ some of the most devastating weapons of the battlefield. The character can use weapons of the groups for which he has selected this Talent, choosing one new …

  • Marksman

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 35 The character’s steady hand and eagle eye allows him to keep crosshairs steady on any target, regardless of range. Distance is no protection against the character’s marksmanship, and he suffers no penalties for …