Tag: Gear


  • Backpack

    A personal carrying device can take many forms, but is usually some kind of bat with attached straps for ease of carrying. A backpack can usually carry approximately 50 kilograms.

  • Chrono

    Chronos are timepieces, which are dependable and simple to use. General models are usually hand-held or worn on the wrist.

  • Respirator

    This is a breathing mask that covers the nose and mouth or entire face, and offers much better protection than filration pugs. A character wearing a respirator or gas mask gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests made to resist the effects of gas, and may re- …

  • Stimm

    Stimm is a powerful drug that works to mask pain and drive fighters on when their bodies would otherwise give up. A dose of stimm lasts 2d10 Rounds. During this time a character ignores any negative effects to his Characteristics from Damage or Critical …

  • Glow-globe

    A common source of light at night or in darkened areas, these handy devices can illuminate an area a dozen or more metres in diameter. Atypical glow-globe or lamp pack lasts 1d5 hours before it needs to be recharged or have its power cell replaced.

  • Magnoculars

    These are powerful vision aids that magnify distant objects. More advanced, high-quality magnoculars can also do such things as give range read-outs, detect heat sources, calculate target location positioning, and take pict-captures of a view for later …