The Vault of Dreams

Into the dark

At Dragon Hold. A rainy foggy dawn.

Dimly lit war room. Glow globes hovering about casting dim light upon the group gathered around a small makeshift rock slab table…splayed out upon it are pieces, parts, and equipment of recovered data-slates and the like…

The Lord-captain while deciphering some content from Lord-governor Danchek’s personal journal shares the information with Lermanov . The two uncover information regarding that the Lord governor of the system was selected by Inquisitor Kobras Aquirre who also held a Warrant of Trade issued by the High Lords of Terra.

damaged entry...missing data

Setting up for warthog travel bringing a sapper and a rifleman with a flamer….

Down mountain…two days…site A-23…

Low plateau…

Bob ahead to scout.

Heading up….bob sees that the building are of an industrial style. Boxy and efficient. Steel girding…there is a pool of water… and most notably, a large gathering of Rak’gol, close to 100 of them…scrambling to get ahead of each other into the whole of this mining shaft.

The secret of Kobras 5
Hiding out in the ruined city.

After deliberating about the best course of action, J.T.‘s and his team decide to move out in search of communications equipment. They leave one riflemen behind to watch over their wounded comrade. The rest of the team take a stroll through the city, narrowly avoiding combat with a squad of Rak’Gol.

After the battle…
Back at Iosefa’s cave overlooking Mo'o Pololu Valley.

Iosefa Joined the team at the mouth of the cave. He wore his full armor and was armed with his massive shock-hammer. An impressive and intimidating site, his roaring dragon helm added to his height and size.

Lethal Engagement

Two fire teams of six mercenaries embedded themselves in trenches downhill from the crash site.

Warthog has made one trip up with supplies and has begun it’s return trip. It is loaded with personnel to help bring equipment back to cave network.

Lermanov and Zir began engineering the crashed bulk loader to distract the Rak’gol, and rigging the thrusters into a massive explosive flame thrower.

A Very Tense Situation

J.T. took some bruising and suffered a bloody gash on the forehead. Lermanov helped him out…patched him up.

The loading bay door on the Lifter was partially buried and partially wrenched and twisted. The debris had to be removed, and the rest of the door had to be cut out with a plasma-cutter.

A team of Iosefa’s men set up to demo out the buried door frame using small explosives. J.T. had Iosefa then set up supply chain to unload lifter.

JT took command of the Aquinus 22 and organized them into small work crews. He kept them organized and efficient.

The Chief lead a group of mercenaries and set up defensive positions using her knowledge of imperial… They Spread out and creating a line of defense digging trenches and storing munitions cashes …., for the onslaught of xenos was inevitable.

Lucius continuously scanned the immediate area using his hand held auspex, searching for signs of enemy movement.

Chief Ruby and her command of mercenaries setting up defenses anticipating incoming enemies.

An eerie foreboding wailing sound echoed off the valley walls. Perhaps some kind of xeno drop ships?

Teams moved in to blast rock and get loading bay doors open.

Multiple reports of possible contact. The door was freed.

Confirmed incoming hostiles. .. .

Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!
Damnit! we need a pilot!

The Lord-captain gave a wave to the two on the ridge, it was returned with a peaceful gun-held-high salute.

As the two scuttled down the loose gravel slope, J.T. moved up to greet them. They were wearing blue armor etched with red ancient Terra-tribal detailing. Their faces were similarly tattooed with the patterns, giving them a war like and intimidating disposition.

Who are those guys?

Pre-dawn, it is midnight dark. The western sky glows a deep burnt umber.

The group is busy loading up the ‘Hog with extra medi-kits and extra weapons if they find anyone at all.

As dawn breaks the sky is overcast and a mood-less grey. Without proper training or equipment one would be easily lost in a place such as this.

Back to Base Camp

After the brief encounter the Chief and J.T. bind the remaining live creature using grapples, and rope. They lash it to the Hog and head back to base camp. The Rak’gol has managed to nearly wriggle its way free from its bindings. They team quickly realizes they are going to need a far more durable cage to secure the beast.

Contact Armélan, research her librarium for any Historical contact with the Rak’gol.

Have Thunder and Omega Re-equip with heavier weapons.

Bring down tech engineers….have Lermanov design and oversee the construction of a cage for the xeno beastie. The Chief and the Lord-captain had to rebind the creature as it continued to slice through its bindings. An injection was administered to help subdue it…then a couple of Grapple hooks were wedged in its flesh and it was restrained with plasteel chain.

The team of techpriests and enginseers finished remarkably quickly and with great success.

The team rests up for the rest of the evening.


Lucius, Chief, J.T., Lermanov, Aristeus. In Martha. Madam Charlabelle Armélan to remain in synchronized orbit above our landing zone.


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