The Vault of Dreams

I love the smell of burning heretics in the morning

Cog factory it was estimated contained roughly 2500-3500 warp influenced heretics. The Artemis crew would need an army to meet their ends. Captain Keel promised 500 navy soldiers, the Artemis provided an addition 500 and it was decided to make use of the 500 men promised to service on Svard. It would take a week or two to assemble these forces, arm them, brief them and bless them but this was time that Lord-captain Aquinas desperately needed to recover from his wounds sustained in the previous engagement.

The battle plan was a three-phase operation. Lucius, who was taking command of the weakest force was also given the most dangerous mission—which was to initiate hostilities and engage in combat on the very lowest deck of the structure. Lord-captain Aquinus (leading the Navy) and Lt. Ruby (leading the Artemis marines) would land on the central processing deck, open the massive airlock, clear the area before rendezvousing with Lucius (providing he survived his trials on the lower deck). Meanwhile the gun cutter would deposit Manfred, Lermanov and the Artemis’ two shock squads on the roof of the factory where they would seek ingress and eventually a path to the control block.

The initial wave headed by Lucius was surprisingly non-contested while they scaled the gantry to the hatches and flooded into the lower decks where they met resistance from lightly armed workers. Once his larger forces came into play they ran into a larger force of more skilled soldiers and entered a protracted firefight.

Lt. Ruby’s landers were unable to safely approach the dock due to men armed with heavy weapons patrolling the bay. She called in the Manfred and the gun cutter for a strafing run which initially was ineffective though on an additional pass the pilot and gunner wiped out the defensive force on the platform. Once clear Ruby landed and cleared the shuttles which returned to return more forces. The massive airlock doors were mag-locked however so they sought ingress with a small force though a concealed service hatch.

Lord-Captain Aquinus was hamstrung until Lt. Ruby cleared the debris off of the landing zone and opened the doors, so he held back with his men and issued instructions to Manfred and the strike crew. The strike crew spotted anti-ship defensive turrets on a flyby of the landing area and called in fights from Capt. Keel’s force to take them out which they did after several passes. Uncontested, the strike crew (Lerminov, Manfred, Thunder and Omega squad) alighted among the tangle of pipes and wires on the top of the structure. Luckily entrances were located in short order and the team entered the uppermost deck of the building.

Meanwhile Lucius had finished off the group of workers that he encountered first with a heroic chain sword charge. Though doing damage to the larger contingent of trained soldiers, he was not near defeating the bulk of them.

Ruby had made it inside the loading bay and after several false starts was able to lead her men to the massive doors and began opening them while under withering fire from surprised troops on that deck. Once it became clear that the doors would be opened Lord-captain Aquinus landed his troops also.

The strike team finally made it to the entrance door to the command bunker. Lerminov was able to make contact with the Adepetus Mechanicus, who it turns out were still alive. They were extremely leery of Lerminov and Manfred who put them in contact with the Lord-captain who was able, with the help of a jury-rigged camera feed convince them to let the team into the bunker.

Once the massive airlock doors opened and the bulk of Ruby’s soldiers were brought to bare they made quick work of the troops on the loading level and proceeded to fan out and secure the are to await the rendezvous with Lucius. The Navy troops joined her on the deck in short order.

Then it was passed Mark’s nappy time so everyone took five.

Plans, like men are flawed
Lord Captain Aquinas informed the Artemis bridge crew to defer to Captain Keel for mission orders, also to keep him posted of relevant developments in the battle. Buoyed by the news that the Hand of Redemption and the Artemis would almost certainly be able to repel the attack the command crew pressed forwards.

The Cog manufacturing facility is a massive 500 meter tall rolling factory bristling with turrets and showing the signs of decades of decay in the extremely caustic atmosphere. Manfred von Manstein III deftly piloted the gun cutter used for insertion to underneith the gantry of the massive factory. Once landed, suited up and disembarked it became clear the only way to enter the factory was via an array of catwalks and maintenance hatches approximately thirty meters straight up on the belly of the factory.

The crew ascended four separate ladders that led to the same catwalk platform, however just as they were climbing over the edge several of the hatches opened up and figures dropped out of them. The crew, sensing an immediate threat opened fire immediately. Captain Aquinus laid down crossfire with Lt. Ruby while Manfred and Anthony Sergeijovich Lermanov engaged in crossfire with Lucius Zir. The first wave of baddies was mostly taken care of when twice their number again appeared out of the hatches.

Captain Aquinus, sensing an opening charged with his power sword in an attempt to run one of the figures through. Due to the encumbrance of his void-suit he missed his attack and was summarily attacked at very close range with shotguns and lasguns. This string of attacks tore a nasty hole in his void suit and left him unconscious and bleeding on the catwalk. The battle was clearly not going well, so Manfred, with force-multiplication in mind trips down the ladder landing hard, then bolts for the gun cutter in an attempt to bring its guns to bare in the battle.

Manfred’s plan took valuable time. Luckily Lt. Ruby was able to utilize effective fire to take out all but one of the hostiles in her cone of fire and Lucius with help from Lermanov (who also retreated down the ladder) dispatched the remainder of hostiles on their side of the catwalk. After a tense couple of minutes Manfred was able to bring the cutter into battle and turn the remaining hostile inside out with a blast from the ships cannons.

The rest of the crew who were understandably very concerned for their Lord Captain’s welfare rushed to his side and, with the singular thought of removing him from the caustic atmosphere which was causing cellular damage, took him up and through one of the hatches. Once inside Ruby was able to utilize ‘caveman medicine’ with the help of a medpack, Lucius absconded a fresh void suit for the Captain, and Lermanov accessed a date port and downloaded a binary message, schematics and a station log from the factories network.

Once stabilized and in a fresh voidsuit the bridge crew carried the still unconscious Captain Aquinus to the waiting gun cutter which made a hasty exit from the area. On the return journey it became clear though communications with the Artemis and Captain Keel that the battle they were experiencing was nearly over so Manfred was able to return to the Artemis’ docking hangerterium in very short order where they were met with medicae experts who swept the captain up to the medical bay.

Lerminov set to decoding the binary transmission and analyzing the information obtained on the Cog facility. There were fairly complete schematics of the original design and structure of the facility but manufacturing and personnel logs has not been updated for at least the previous six years. The binary message revealed that, at one point at least, there was a contingent of Adepetus Mechanicus who had not fallen prey to the warp and were holed up in the command center at the top of the factory. This information was disseminated to all involved parties who began to draw up infiltration/battle plans.

The captain, who is as crazy as he is tough was soon awake and in a very poor mood. After discussion with his command crew and a consultation with Captain Keel it was decided their course of action would be to take back the facility by force…

Evassive Manuevers - Excessive Force

With Manfred at the helm we evaded an unknown pattern of an energy weapon discharge. Ruby at the weapons console coordinated an attack and laid before them a curtain of fire, bombarding the defiled vessel with devastating repercussion. The vessel turned tail and ran.

Augury informed us that the ship was in fact was a Yu’Vath craft. Some kind of xeno-trash crystaline interstellar traveler. This may have something to do with the bulk artifact that is hidden somewhere in this region.

Not but a few hours later while still searching for Silence we were ambushed by two more of the Yu’Vath filth vessel. The Artemis sustained some sobering damage from the unique enemy weapon, but not without heavy recompense. Both enemy vessels were lit up by our rockets and several salvos of our batteries, showering them with tears of fire. These cowards too, disengaged from the fight and made themselves scarce.

Our Astropath sent a celestial message through the immaterium to the Hand of Redemption for some backing support.

Forthwith we located and re-discovered our missing Silence.

To Silence
Action Stations!

We last left our Heroes aboard the Artemis in route to Silence. As they neared the storm clouds they began picking up false readings on the augury scanners… off the starboard bow, stern, false readings everywhere.

While the Lord-Captain on the bridge with Manfred von Manstien at helm 1 direct the Artemis toward her destination; Lucius is near, assisting with Augury. And Ruby preps a contingent of 10 armsmen including a medicae; and Lermanov is prepping the new gun-cutter for a ship to surface landing.

A red warning light flashes on the main control switchboard. Another false warning perhaps?…

An optic enhanced junior officer at augury station 2 calls out “Confirmed! Hostile combatant inbound bearing coordinates 3-002.19 port bow sir!” He turns to look at the Lord-Captain “Sir, she’s comming strait at us. Weapons hot!”

JT Aquinus Personal Log 2.0

A discussion with Tal and the command crew and we decided we need to get to the source of what ever is causing the warp influence over the region. We decided on heading to Silence.

Something very important here. Is this exactly what Inquisitor Lathian had done? Well, presumably he had an inquisitor ship. We have the Artemis.

Tal offers 500 of his PDF Troopers to assist us. I figure he is better off policing his own with them.

During our tour Jerry found and directed the repairs of a Gun-Cutter class spacecraft. I flew the shuttle back to the Artemis and Manfred took the gun-cutter. An nice little asset added to the Artemis.

The command crew suggested that we visit the Temple-shrine aboard the Hand of Redemption for a blessing to protect us from any Warp taint.

I of course obliged; I just pray to His Eminance that we wont need such protection.

Our arrival in Svard

Lord-Captains Log 00052816M41

Upon our deceleration toward Svard and the bloated gas giant around which it and its subsidiaries orbit, a routine scan came up dry. Augury illuminated us to the fact that there were no signals trasmitting from Silence. No signal from Cog. No signal from Installation 23. And quite astonishingly, no naval ships or PDF greeted us as we approached and entered the system.

JT Aquinus Personal Log

00037816M41 – Personal Log

Just a note on the scum that attacked the Mechanicus on Wander: They went by the name of Scions of Anarchy. With a bit of The Emperors luck and some hard nosed control, Dhorin with and Inquisitor Res should be able to root out those heretical bastards.

Hob Nob Finery...
...and potential profit.


Recieved a request from Commander Keel of the Hand of Redemption for myself and my command crew to accompany he and his staff for a dinner aboard his Capital Warship. As Lermanov was in need of recovery I had brought only Lt Ruby along.

The table was set in my opinion, in an over extravagantly manner with all the hob nob finery of a noble planetary Lord-Governer. Seemed a bit superfluous as Wander wallows next to his ship in what smelled mostly like a frontier world’s tusked quadruped manure.

But the grit was quite gratifying. Seven courses with all the trimmings and pairings as well. A fine Chief Cook the Commander has on staff.

After our charming dinner Kiel the Lt and myself retired to the Commander’s ready room for a professional chat. He poured a snit of Amesac and we sipped while he talked and we listened. He requested that I accept orders to take the Artemis to the Svard system on the other side of The Maw. The orders dictate that we make contact with planetary officials, recover a member of The Administratum, and find out why the systems tithes have fallen so low.

Keel and the Hand of Redemption will be escorting us on our mission and will provide support if we require it. In return for our endeavor I am assured of his and The Imeperial Navy’s support in the exclusive trading rights in the Svard system.

As my Warrant of Trade mandates, I accepted the orders and honestly look forward to the arrangement. A most profitable trade route could be established… given nothing runs awry.

Insurrectionist scum...


Durring our shuttle docking at Wander we had been in communique with Ruby and James. They had explained the situation to Atticus and I. After our rendezvous we headed to the command bridge to speak with Marshal Dhorin. On our way there there were obvious power losses occurring at the space station.

Anchoring off station
something is amiss


Now within vox range, a short communication with the Imperial Navy Command Deck required us to anchor off station. They have informed me that all starship docking and departure has been temporarily halted. I will be shuttling in with my assistant atticus and Able Shipman P. Harold. Clearly a security issue has got the port on lockdown. A lucky turn of events perhaps, maybe even some profit in it.


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