The Vault of Dreams

Regarding the meeting with Acheron on The Hand of Redemption

Acheron’s formal record indicates that Brothers Kale and Keel were reunited.
- They and a number estimated not more than three thousand attacked the loyal crew. Acheron had adumbrated the mutiny and reacted swiftly. Kale is now dead. Keel is injured and confined to the Hand of Redemption’s apothicarium under heavy guard; four watchful ecclesiastic members bearing a profligacial nimiety of heavy flamers.

My requisition to visit with keel was met with assured amenability. I sent for Aristeus to join us. His skills would be needed to acquire information from the unconscious Keel. When we rendezvoused with Aris we proceeded to the apothicarium. The circumspect holy men were notably anxious. They carried flamers in such a small room; I could only assume that they were praying to the Emperor they would make it out alive if in fact they had to utilize their equipped incinerators. Aris attempted a link to the benumbed commander’s mind; he was met with mild success. An icy chill filled the room, an assured sign of his psychic ability in action.

It seems there was a violent disagreement involving Acheron and Keel which gives alleviation to Acheron’s report. The Hand of Redemption had not been authorized to be in the Svard system; also helping to solidify Acheron’s report. Aris collapsed a few moments later and as I helped him up and muttered a short prayer to the Emperor, he clarified the situation by informing us that Keel’s mind had been taken from him. The only way to find out a deeper truth would be to pursue the U’Vath…I look forward to it, though for the time being our priorities remain here..

Regarding the Ark of Hope

- Lermanov had engaged in optimizing repairs to the Ark of Hope; our most probable means to travel through the Warp and reaching a supply outpost forthwith also placing ourselves within telepathic range of the Imperium.

Note: I have received a request for my presence on The Hand of Redemption. I have also received a request from Speaker Tal to confer with he upon Svard in the Crystal Counsel chambers.

My priorities lay with Speaker Tal and the people of Svard.
- a brief meeting, one in which I commended Tal with accolades and the promise of a heroic award. A short discussion and he agreed to set about to accomplish the following:
- organize a PDF
- organize and redevelop infrastructure
- busy the Counsel with crafting fancy paperwork…a declaration of dependences…and independences.

Post Liberation of Svard
Lord-captains log ….Imperial date….

Installation 23 and the sedition of the weak and corrupted
– All crew remaining alive from The Artemis jammed throughout the space station…
- Regarding the sedition in and on Svard – eventual extirpation of affected and infected by warp corruption; Isolated and dealt with effectively. The elimination of the threat of the weak minded and the possibility and probability of the return of the U’Vath had been taken into consideration. Incarceration and bondage was an option though the corruption had run too deep into the minds of too many. I personally mourn the losses of my crew and the many whom had to be culled to preserve the future of Svard and her descendants. Those who have resisted the corruption will be rewarded well and done so through generations to come. Their lineage and descendants shall be granted a %50 deduction in tithes and a bonus of an additional $3000 credits will be given to the parents of every child born to the survivors of the Liberation of Svard for a total of one(1) generations after which their tithes shall be raised to %25 deduction for one (1) following generation. This will then be followed by the regulation of full compliance of tithes or will be intervened upon by and with the full authority of the High Lords of Terra, and the judicious severity of the Aquinus.


J.T. had called the Crystal Counsel to assembly. He called for all to gather in the Great Crystal Hall, representatives, adepts, civilians, soldiers, all. The hall was filled with all sorts, Assembled together in the center was a small contigent of PDF, and Imperial Naval soldiers. In front of them stood Speaker Tal and four of the highest ranking adminstartum officials on Svard.


During our rush to the lance battery deck, J.T. vox transmits a message to the Artemis.

“Give me a channel to the entire ship.”
“Yes Lord-captain.”

“This your Lord-captain.” A pause…
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…or seal the hole with our Aquinus deceased. In peace there’s naught that becomes Man as modest silence and humbleness. But, when the blare of the war horn blows in our ears, then emulate the action of the Lion. Harden the sinews, beckon the blood, mask fair nature with hard-favored fury. Then impart the eye a frightful aspect. Now set the teeth and broaden the nostril wide. Hold firm the breath and bear up every moral fiber to his full stature. On, on, you noblest Aquinus. Whose blood is fet from fathers of war that, like so many Samuals have, on this ship from morn till even fought and sheathed their swords for lack of quarrel. Disgrace not your mothers. Now, declare that those whom you called fathers did beget you. Be replica now to Men of darker blood, and teach them how to make war. Good Men, whose limbs were made in Terra, show us here the grit of your field; your territory; your home. Let us swear that you are a testament to your breeding, which I doubt not. For there is none of you here so median and simple, that has not noble luster in your eyes. I see you stand like war hounds of Old Terra in the glorious sun of our mother planet, straining to be unchained, released to sever the head of our enemy.”

“Follow your spirit, and upon this charge cry; for Aquinus, Terra, and Humanity!
Let’s send these heretic bastards back to the Emperean!!!”

Feast and Famine
The daring command crew infiltrate installation 23

Report filed in ship’s pilot’s data log—permissions:MVManstein12

Entry 327a:

Especially after the events of the last several days which were taxing both mentally and physically to say the least it was nice to get a respite from action for a day or two. Thankfully I have not been wounded as many of my comrades have been and I attribute this to my skill, speed and luck. Let’s just hope that my luck remains resolute.

Secrets Revealed

Reports have come in from the command crew regarding their mission aboard the falling vessel.

• She is named the Ark of Hope – a Q-class Loki Ship. She is masquerading as a transport but in truth is in the service of our absent Envoy – Kale…whom also turns out to be the brother of Commander Keel… And is also an Inquisitor Officer.
• Thunder, Thor, Lermanov, and Aristeaus are teamed up. Team A
• Ruby, Manfred, Omega are teamed up Team B
• They had encountered resistance and had overcome said resistance.
• Burned a Chaos Psychic hag witch – she disappeared. Didn’t die?
A Made it to the Engineerium.
B Made it to the bridge
• Brother Hanson and other Missionaries were discovered protecting the plasma core on the engineerium deck.
• A Secured the engineering deck.
• Lermanov linked into the ships cogitator assembly in the Engineerium, attempting to stabilize the plasma core.
• Aristeaus and Thor took the shortest, fastest route to the bridge via ship schematics. A psychic projection via mind-link between Aristeaus and Lermenov guided the two the bridge.
• Lermanov succeeded in stabilizing the Core; Returned power to the essential ship functions, Life support, control, etc.
• Lermanov opened the doors to the bridge; Ruby and Manfred’s Team secured the bridge and set up Omega guarding the entrance.
• Aris and Thor reached the bridge to find Omega’s weapons trained on them ready to fire. A quick “Stand Down” order from Ruby stays their fire.
• Manfred to Ships helm and Aristeaus took the Augury station.
• Running out of time the group began their attempts to pull the ship from its deteriorating orbit.
• Failure seemed imminent. The dedicated command crew would have sacrificed themselves to save the ship. But, blindly trusting his instincts Mr. Von Manstein drove the engines to full and pulled out of the decaying orbit at the last possible second. Saving the Ark of Hope and the lives of the crew from the deadly slow decent into the dying star…
• Communiqué with Keel – his brother Inquisitor Kale is missing or corrupted. We need assistance to finish off the remaining whisperer’s onboard Ark of Hope. Escort Ark of Hope back to Cog for repairs.
• Crew on lock down…corruption form the Warp is affecting crew. Root out and dispatch corrupted minds. 11 souls lost to the Warp.
• Magos Talva(?) reports the Heart of Iron repairs progress at an agreeable rate.
• Set off to locate I-23 and found it rather quickly
• Augury indicate 4 System Ships
• Acton Stations, red alert. Engage and destroy system Ships but keep out of range of the station lance.

• During the combat with the occupying enemy System Ships, 3 Crystal Ships joined the fray.
• Taking minimal damage, the Artemis unleashed her classic fury and obliterated the enemy ships with the assistance of the Hand of Redemption.

A report from Manfred to J.T.

“Once we found our way out of the maze we split into two groups. Ruby, Manfred and Omega made for the bridge and the others stayed behind to try and get into engineering. The bridge group ran into a serious hurdle in the form of an outside area where they were forced to jump in zero gravity in space from platform to platform while under fire.”

“The engineering team tracked down the survivors in the water treatment deck and convinced them to help. They returned to the large engineering deck doors with the survivors who knew the code. The door opened very slowly and while this was happening them came under attack by whisperers and thunder squad in particular took some serious casualties. Once the door was open wide enough every rushed through and closed it.”

Securing the final level and taking the station...

Now in position we began moving in to take the nezt level.

Lerminov and Jerry took the lead of Omega and Thunder. They were to move in stealthely and set upon two groups of enemies under moderate cover. It was to provide a small distraction while I lead the naval troops on a frontal assault.

The adventures of Reginald and Lucius

The lord captain has given me the honor of securing the lower levels of the facility. With Reginald by my side I believe we have a good statistical chance of success.

As we moved through the first level I met with some workers and a sizable but not noteworthy force of of well equipped whisperer troops. After taking the first level we moved on to the second level. I quickly learned of the difficulty in commanding large numbers of troops. I knew exactly what i wanted them to do but getting the message across to these emaciated PDF troops has been difficult.

A smaller scouting team was first dispatched to investigate the next level. They located an stronger squad of shock troops. They were told to find cover and hold out till the main force could ascend. The secondary scout team along with The main 1 and 2 platoons moved up to secure flanking positions on these better skilled and equipped shock troops. However when securing west side a large group of lightly equipped troops were spotted they were quickly dispatched to secure the area and surrounding the shock troops could commence. Scout squad 1 was ordered to retreat so the main forces could fire freely on the shock troops. There wasn’t much room and the shock troops had a good cover but eventually they were taken out.

We moved up to the third level to rendezvous with Ruby’s troops. She was finishing off what was left of the troops on the level. We reorganized and scout team one was given the order to head up to level 4 and investigate.

Level 4 over the vox the scout team yelled “They have grenade launchers!!” a small squad equipped with mounted heavy weapons was in the middle of the room in a highly defensible position, covered by a large group of well equipped troops also in good cover. As well as a squad of shock troops. Care had to be taken when ascending into this level. Reginald proposed a dangerous but intelligent plan. We would distract the heavy weapons with the scout squad and rush them from the elevator with the first platoon.

Timing had to be perfect or the first platoon on the elevator could take heavy casualties. But by the grace of the god emperor everything went as planed. The heavy weapons squad was completely suppressed, and shortly thereafter destroyed. Alowing Ruby and my troops free access to move around the level. The large force of well equipped whisperer troops, and the squad of shock troops proved very difficult to destroy but their destruction was inevitable. However scout squad 1 was annihilated when they attempted to help Ruby’s troops deal with the shock troops.

They and the other PDF casualties can be thankful they have had the honor to die for the Lord Captain and his goals here in the Svard system.


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