Warthog Scout Vehicle

Tough and versital scout vehicle


Warthogs are highly versatile and very tough scout vehicles. They are very configurable. The most common configuration is a rear-mounted gun. The Gun can be removed and reconfigured to cary four troops, or similar cargo.

It runs on promethium fuels. It carries armored air tanks that allow the engine to continue to run in low-oxegen environments encountered on planet surfaces.


Type: Ground vehicle
Tactical Speed: 20m
Cruising Speed: 95kph
Maneuverability: +6
Structural Integrity: 12
Size: Hulking
Armour: Front 14, Side 10, Rear 12
Crew: Driver, Gunner (rear), Passenger
Carrying Capacity: Personal gear for three or small cargo



  • Heavy bolter:
  • others of a similar size

Special Rules

  • Open-topped: Enemies may target the crew and passengers of the vehicle by using a called shot attack action
  • Gun mount provides protection to the gunners body from the front (AR 4)

Warthog Scout Vehicle

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