The Artemis

The Artemis is a Sword Class frigate currently in the service of the Aquinus Trader Dynasty.


Laid down roughly a millennium ago in the Calixis sector’s primary fleet yards, the Artemis was built to high standards, intending to serve as the lead ship of an escort squadron. For many centuries the she served with distinction, seeing combat in several notable engagements and tours, while several of these engagements resulted in significant damage to the ship, in almost every engagement she was sure to give more than she took.
She is an old frigate yes. But she is a fierce warrior and is always up to any challenge.

Spirits harrow in her bulkheads and inhabit her engines. Phantoms permiate throughout the entire ship spooking her crew and preying on the fears and nightmares of non-crew and guests. Weak willed crew make an effort to transfer off her at any port the make.

Then there are those who find her apparitions comforting for when in battle she is fierce and cunning. When engaged, she acts out in a ferocious manner, becomming more aggressive showing improved manueverability and speed.

Other captains have reported feeling a sence of dread when encountering her. Even ships that have served with her on missions have reported akward events upon their own ships. Her reputation is rumored through much of the Calixis Sector, and many stear clear of her.


Sword Class Frigate

Demensions: 1.6km
Mass: 6 megatons
Crew: 25,546 (0)

Speed: 8 (10 combat)
Manuever: 30 (32 combat, 22 non)
Detection: 26
Turret Rating: 2
Sheilds: Repulsor 2
Armor: 18
Hull Int: 35 (4)

Essentials: Lathe Pattern 2a Drive, Miloslav H-616B Warp Engine, Armored Command Bridge, Geller Fields, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Deep Void Auger Array, Voidsman Quarters
Supplemntals: Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Augmented Retro Thrusters, Trophy Room
Wepons: Dorsal Mars Pattern Macrocannons, Jovian Missile Battery

The Artemis

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