Warrant-Cpl. Furvus Volpes

Patient and thoughtful. A light hearted man leading his troops with pride and percision.


After graduating from the Naval Academy, Vulpes completed Navy Flight Training and reported to Grand Ultima Naval Air Station. He was assigned to the Corella Blaze. The next year, Vulpes’ squadron the Aardhawks launched on the Heart of Faith with Fighter Squadron 114 to fly the Navy’s hottest spacecraft, the XS-29 Phantom. Code named “Angry Fox”, Vulpes flew 74 successful combat missions over The Republic of Barimarn and made over 100 kills. On his 75th mission, just five days before the end of his tour, Cpl. Vulpes was shot down over Heshina on the main continent of Barimarn, taken prisoner, tortured, and spent the next 2,103 days as a Prisoner Of War.

Following his repatriation, Volpes continued his Imerial Navy flying career in Reserve Squadrons where he flew K4-B Sky Hawks, A-23 Corsairs and F9-26 Hornets. His last two commands as a Naval Reservist were on the Choral Hymn.. He retired from the Iperial Navy after 44 years of service.

Corporal Volpes was recruited by Lord-Captain Samual Aquinus to train pilots for the Aquinus. He was promoted to Corporal by J.T. Aquinus after successfully leading a group of armsmen in several tactical assaults. Although Volpes can be quite outspoken, often vocalizing his experienced opinions when it comes to tactical assaults, he will always defer to the judgment of the Lord-captain.


Command: Omega Squad

Age: 74

Homeworld: Remis Prime

Imperial Navy Assignments: Corella Blaze, Heart of Faith, Terra’s Sword, Spear Hawk, Choral Hymn

Medals and Decorations
Svard Campaign Medal
Silver Star
2 Purple Hearts
Bronze Star
Legion of Merit
POW Medal
Air Medals
Combat Action
Unit Citation
Republic of Berimarn Reclaimation Campaign
Service Medal

Warrant-Cpl. Furvus Volpes

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