A lean dark haired, blue eyed, man with some slight burn marks on his arms and chest.


Thor grew up on an imperial world with his family. Thor’s family wasn’t wealthy only owning a few small estates and some servants. When Thor was young (in his 40s) he was effectively barred from entering any family estates after he managed to burn most of one down.
He then joined up with the clergy of the adeptus ministorum at a local shrine. After the building housing the local ministorum mysteriously burnt down he joined another group of clergy who later saw his potential as a missionary.
Thor has always had a facination with fire and burning things. He now see fire as a conduit of the emperor’s cleansing light.
Otherwise when Thor isn’t talking about burning things, he enjoys talking about the god-emperor and spreading the imperial creed. Something he walks around and does on the Artimus from time to time, sometimes to the dismay of anyone caught in conversation with him.
Although very passionate about the imperial religion, he is still rather moderate when dealing with people or at least he tries to be. Usually opting to at least talk to heretics a bit before burning them alive.


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