Skeletal renegade psyched released from the brig on The Ark of Hope, and servant of the Yu'Vath artifact known as The Whisperer


Synbellica is a psycher of great natural ability. Whe was taken by the inqusition and charged with Heresy and subversion. She was only kept alive because it was thought that she might know valuable information about chaos-based threats to the empire. The unfortunate events at Svard allowed her to escape her imprisonment. Worse, she found a new and powerful ally against the empire; the Yu’Vath artifact know as The Whisperer.

Through unknown and foul acts of sorcery, she is able to join with the artifact. She is able to teleport an unknown distance to and from the vessel.

Synbellica appears as a tattered women. Her age is difficult to determine. Her face and eyes appear mischievous and youthful. Her black hair is long, filthy, and matted in clots. Grey and white streaks suggest she is much older than she appears. She wears a tattered and much patched void suit. She now bears hideous burn scars from a run in with a missionary of the enperor aboard The Ark of Hope in the Svard system during its reclaimation.



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