A small brown teddy bear


A small somewhat worn teddy bear but of good craftsmanship. Lucius seems to think Reginald is an old war general and speaks to it on occasion. Despite being though quite a bit with Lucius it seems to be in the same condition as when Lucius found it. Lucius of course doesn’t seem to be aware that it is a teddy bear at all and tends to behave as if Reginald is a human that is actually there. Trying to point out to Lucius that Reginald isn’t real or just an inanimate object is simply met with confusion. Never the less there is something eerie about Reginald. Noone in the crew, especially the more superstitious, would ever think of taking it from Lucius. Most have come to accept it as just a normal aspect for Lucius, many people in dangerous professions have odd items or charms they keep with them at all times. Although few directly converse with them as Lucius does with Reginald.



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