Manfred von Manstein III

Manfred (Jerry, to his comrades) is an orderly, dedicated and extremely talented pilot.


Manfred was born to spacer parents one of the extremely vast void-faring ships operating in deep space. Though the constantly changing gravity conditions left him with a fairly frail demeanor he excels in low gravity combat. Like many void born men he used his natural affinity to get piloting training from the empire at a fairly early age.

Young Manfred wasn’t prepared for the brutality of war it seems, and was shortly after a particularly brutal campaign he was imprisoned on unknown charges. Time in prison was not kind of Manfred and once he was finally escaped from his captivity (achieved by stealing a small cruiser) he sought the protection that his finely honed piloting skills could offer him.

Manfred has an aggressive and angry demeanor and is neurotically picky in terms of his appearance and the state and condition of his ship, or the craft he happens to be piloting.

Manfred von Manstein III

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