Lucius Zir


The ships High Factorum.

Duties include accounting, commerce, information gathering, collecting contacts, and PR for the Aquinus name.

Lucius has Contacts in Footfall and Port Wander.

Lucius has a love of collecting interesting and useful items, sometimes secretly.


House Zir was a smaller less notable house located in footfall. House Zir specializes in the selling not of goods or labor but information. A dangerous trade to specialize in but very a profitable one. Being a smaller house Zir relies on it’s connections for protection against other more aggressive houses or against those who are unhappy about information that has been sold or they feel has been sold (as such transactions are certainly kept secret). This process had worked well for House Zir till recently.

Over the course of a few years they began to slowly go missing. An unknown enemy quietly destroyed the Zir family. Quite a feat considering they specialize in information and spying. Most of those who belong to house Zir have fled or are in hiding. Lucius following the advice of Reginald was in the process of fleeing to Port Wander when the transport Lucius was traveling on came under attack by an unidentified vessel. Lucius’ transport was quickly disabled. While Lucius suspects it was the same assassins that have killed off most of his house, he never had the chance to find out. Before these attackers could board, a new ship came within range. The Artemis having noticed a strange jamming signal altered course slightly to find Lucius’ transport under attack. The would be assassins quickly returned to their ship and ran.

After questioning Lucius and hearing his story, J.T. decided he could use someone with Lucius’ skills and offered him a job. Lucius not wanted to deal the assassins or being jettisoned into space for refusing an offer from a rogue trader, gladly accepted his rescuer’s offer.

Lucius now works as J.T.’s Chief Financial officer. Along with his associate Reginald he will bring Aquinus to the top in wealth and power and perhaps through them one day destroy whatever enemy is waiting in the dark for Lucius and the Zir family.

Lucius Zir

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