Lord-Captain J.T. Aquinus

A handome tough bastard.


Son of Rogue Trader Samual Aquinus, JT was tithed by his family into The Service of The Emperor in the Imperial navy. He worked his way up from Seaman Conscipt through charm, talent, toughness, and a lot of luck to Commander. He was to accept a promotion to Captain but the disappearance of his father brought him home to take over as Lord-Captain of The Artemis and heir to the family’s Warrant of Trade. The Imperium accepted this, for brave and intelligent leaders are always needed in the Expanse as much, and maybe more so, as in the Imperial Navy.


Tall, handsome. Thick black locks with a touch of ash at the temples. Well dressed when dealing with Imperium officials but usually suited for action , and always prepared. (he lives by the boy scout motto)

Grey eyes, with a bright gleam.

He carries a very old and rare laspistol handed down to him by his father. a beautifully crafted power sword also at his hip.

The Lord-Captain is a hands on kinda guy. Though he has learned to hob nob with the high and mighty he prefers to bump elbows with the grunts below decks. JT takes care to know as much of his beloved Artemis as he can. He makes regular rounds to discuss with his staff members and crew, some even say they have seen him talking with her spirits. (it is said that she is Haunted)

JT knows that true reward lies beyond fame and fortune, however he desires (and gets it) respect. The admiration of allies and the grudging esteem of foes drives him. He will not let an affront to his honor go unchallenged.

Lord-Captain Aquinus prefers to lead and demonstrate his worth through action; any that doubt him should have the steel to back up their words.

JT understands the dangers of the Expanse are unequaled and truly unlimited, but brave men and women who take the risks and wrest them into profits by skill, luck, or sheer force of will enjoys something few humans in the 41st Millennium even know. JT’s life is one of adventure and true freedom, the freedom to choose his course, and to see the consequences of his choices for good or ill.

He is one who inspires and leads his friends and mates with a firm a hand and expects….demands the very best of them. And in return rewards them well with adventure, profits, and freedom to choice.

JT has a son and duaghter, JT Junior and Janis Theresa Aquinus. The Lord-Captain keeps their location a well guarded secret. One nver knows what his enemies and rivals would do to them if they knew of their location.

He enjoys a good ol’ fashioned fistfight; and has been known to jump in the ring with a crew member to blow off some steam.
– he feels its important to train constantly both the body and the mind.

JT scorns cowardice but isn’t likely to take on a fleet of pirate destroyers single handedly…but then he might.

“Herein lies our path to greatness. Our wits and courage will be tested to their utmost limits. Fear, hate, and anger will be held in check. Skill, bravery, and concise decisions will be rewarded with life, profits, and glory. My friends and companions…to the farthest reaches we have come. All have shown a worth that is beyond measure. Hold fast and aim true for ours is a tale that will be told for a millennia on countless worlds across the system!
For the God Emperor. For Mankind. And for The Artemis and her Loyal Crew!!!
- Lord – Captain J.T. Aquinus
Bearer of the Aquinus Warrant and Master of the Star-Frigate Artemis

Lord-Captain J.T. Aquinus

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