Iosefa Betoatoa

The fierce leader of Mo'o Pololu mercenary company


Iosefa is the leader of a fierce band of mercenaries called Mo’o Pololu. He and his troop demand a king’s ransom for their services. However, there are no more fierce and deadly warriors for hire. He can be found in any number of in savory bars along the The Stations of Passage. His inner circle of mercenaries tend to be loud and obnoxious when on leave. They relish bar room brawls. They have been known to brawl before talking business, “just everyone understands each other.”

Iosefa himself is absolutely massive. He is A descendent of a long extinct tribe of warriors that existed on holy Terra. His body is covered in intricate tribal tatoos. Some of the most detailed are found on his face. And these have the effect of directing the behoder’s eyes to his eyes, which are coal black and fierce. He favors heavy weapons in battle. He is famous for a massive power hammer he uses to crush his foes.

Iosefa Betoatoa

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