Warrant-Cpl. Vello Optero (KIA)

A humorless and hardened man.


Cpl. Vello is tall and lanky. He is stoic to the point of stone. His right arm almost completely synthetically enhanced due to a service injury.

He was decommissioned as a Corporal in Aktus Minor Planetary Defence Force and was recruited by Samual Aquinus to serve under the Aquinus Warrant of Trade. He had sworn his Blood Oathe to the Aquinus and serves with a steadfast heart. His dedication to the Aquinus is fanatical.

Optero is a fearless leader in the face of battle and leads a squad of equally hardy armsmen. He leads Thunders Squad into battle donning a human skull mask to inspire his soldiers and terrorize enemies.


Command: Thunder Squad

Age: (an augmented) 56

Homeworld: Aktus Minor, Calixis

Military History
- 04.0653.771M41-Enlisted into the Aktus Minor Planetary Defense Guard as a Private (E-
1) into Battery F, 1/188th Planetary Defense Artillery, as a Team-Portable
Planetary Defense System Crewmember (14ZX10)
- 04.0833.771M41 – Completed Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill
- 04.0923.771M41 – Completed Advance Individual Training at Fort Sill, as a Man-Portable Planetary Defense System Crewmember (14ZX10)
- 04.0998.771M41 – Mobilized to deploy with the 1/188th Planetary Defense Artillery Battalion
(Security Forces)

- Bronze Star Medal
- Purple Heart
- Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal
- Planetary Defense Service Medal
- Afghan Campaign Medal
- Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
- Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M Device
- Army Service Ribbon
- Interstellar Service Ribbon
- Army Reserve Component Planetary Defense Training Ribbon
- Honor Graduate of Basic Combat Training
- Qualified Expert on M249 Man Portable Las-cannon/Crew Serve Weapon
- Qualified Sharp Shooter on R22-16 Lasgun
- Awarded The Svard Medal of Battle and Badge of Fullfilled Duty

Military Schools
Man-Portable Planetary Defense System Crewmember (14ZX10) Fort Sill, Aktus Minor

Date of Rank
- Private (E-1) 04.0653.771M41
- Private (E-2) 04.0833.771M41
- Private First Class (E-3) 04.0891.771M41
- Specialist (E-4) 04.0923.771M41
- Corporal (E-4) 04.0359.783M41
- Warrant Corporal (WE-4 Aquinus – Artemis) 02.0211.811M41

Warrant-Cpl. Vello Optero (KIA)

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