Carvooth Va'Grath

Hooded navigator of _The Artemis_ and member of the Navis Nobilite from the House Va'grath


Tall and hooded, Carvooth Va’Grath keeps to himself in his quarters attended by a retinue of 12 personal attendants. On the rare occasion when he shows his face his skill is taut and grey. A decorated chrome eye adorns his forehead. A mutation that allows him the uncanny ability to peer into the warp without going mad. He is a veteran of several warp voyages, mostly across the Calixis sector of the Imperium.

Carvooth was hired under a strict contract with the Rogue Trader Lord-Captain J.T. Aquinus and currently serves aboard The Artemis. With the Lord-Captain, Carvooth makes his first foray into the wild Koronos Expanse.

Carvooth Va'Grath

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