Aristeaus Straton

The Artemis' ranking Astropath Transendant; one of only a few with direct access to the ships Navigator.




Total Wounds: 11
Current Wounds: 11
Total Fate Points: 4
Current Fate Points: 4
Insanity Points: 4
Corruption Points: 0


  • Awareness(PER)
  • Ciphers(INT)(Astropath Sign)
  • Common Lore(INT)(Adeptus Astra Telepathica) +10% (Talented)
  • Common Lore(INT)(Koronus Expanse)
  • Dodge
  • Forbidden Lore(INT)(The Inquisition)
  • Forbidden Lore(INT)(Psychers)
  • Forbidden Lore(INT)(Warp)
  • Invocation(WP)
  • Literacy(INT)
  • Psyniscience(PER)
  • Scholastic Lore(INT)(Cryptology)
  • Scholastic Lore(INT)(Occult)
  • Speak Language(INT)(High, Low Gothic)
  • Speak Language (Ship dialect)

Talents & Traits

  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Charmed: Roll 1d10 when spending fate point. On a 9, the fate point is not spent
  • Enemy (Chaos)
  • Enemy (Inquisition) (Stole forbidden lore from them)
  • Heightened Senses (Sound)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
  • Paranoia
    • +2 Initiative
    • Additional perception tests
  • Rite of Sanctioning
    • Use: haunting breeze psychic phenomenon unless Perils of the Warp is rolled
  • Soul Binding
    • Gain +20 to WP to resist possession
    • Roll extra 1d10 when rolling perils of the warp and discard less favorable one
  • Unshakable Faith
    • Re-roll any failed WP tests against Fear

Psychic Techniques

  • Psy Rating 3
  • Telepathy Discipline
    • Activation Time: Free action
    • Maintainable: Yes
    • Range: See table 6-5 p. 163
    • Power scale: At Psy Rating 1-2, the psyker can only send or receive verbal communications but no images. At Psy Ratin 3-4, the psyker can send or receive visual communication as well, but all images will only be in black and white, with a dream-like quality.
  • Astro-telepathy
    • Value: Free
    • Prerequisite: Soul-bound
    • Focus Power Test: Willpower
  • 2 more techniques

Weapons & Armour

  • Las Pistol (Best)
    • Pistol, 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, 30m, S/-/-, Rld. Full
    • Reliable
    • 4 kg
  • Mono-blade (Best) (10 to attack)(1 damage)
    • Melee, 1d10+1 R, Pen 2
    • Blanced
    • 3 kg
  • Saint-blessed Carapace Armor (Best)
    • 8 All
    • 7.5 kg


  • Charm (lock on a chain)
  • Void suit
  • Micro-bead
  • Psy-focus (Scepter)

Origin Path

Home World

Void born:

  • -5 Str, +5 WP
  • Starting Skills: Speak Language(ship dialect)
  • Charmed: Roll 1d10 when spending fate point. On a 9, the fate point is not spent
  • Ill-omened: -5 penalty on all fellowship tests made with non-void born humans
  • Shipwise: Untrained basic skills Navigation(Stellar), Pilot(Spacecraft)
  • Void Accustomed: Immune to space travel sickness. Zero or Low-gravity environmens are not difficult terrain
  • Starting Wounds: 11
  • Startin Fate Points: 4


  • +3 WP
  • 4 Insanity Points
Lure of the Void

Hunter (hunted)

  • 100XP
  • +3 Per
  • Paranoia
  • Enemy (Chaos)
Trials and Travails

Darkness (Forbidden Knowledge)

  • 200 XP
  • one common lore as trained
  • one forbidden lore as trained
  • Paranoia
  • Enemy


  • 100 XP
  • Armour of Contempt or Unshakeable Faith
  • +3 WP

A Proud Tradition (Heir Apparent):

  • 100XP
  • Pick a single skill from career path starting skills and gin Talented talent

A warrior adept. Proud and has the desire to be recognized by his peers. Leads through actions. Knowledge is power. It is his ultimate goal. To learn as much as he can.

Pure white eyes, no iris no pupil. Tall thin, hardened. Whip like muscles. short black hair touched with a salty grey, gaunt cheeks and dark sunken eyes. Very well kept, always clean shaven and though not extravagantly dressed he presents himself as well organized and neat.

Aris wears a set of carapace armour that once belonged to a saint’s honourguard. Anointed and inscribed with the saint’s teachings, it is a sign to stir the faithful of the Imperial Creed. The Aquinus allow him to wear it in its original coloring of violet and gold.

He speaks with those of the command crew by first name basis. considering them as friends, though knowing full well that his mind is superior to all but perhaps the Navigator. Most non-command crew fear his very presence.

Aristeaus Straton

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