Anthony Sergeijovich Lermanov

Short, sinewy, and dark-haired. For an adept of the machine cult, he displays few modifications.


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://adeptus mechanicus, koronus expanse, port wander


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acknowledged commander

Accessing Database: Cult of the Machine – Adeptus Fleet

Name: Anthony Sergeijovich Lermanov (a.k.a. – Anton, A.L., Al)

Birthplace: Volchaya Hive, Meridian, Sub-sector Aurelia 0.333.789/M41 (27 years old)

Rank/Assignment: Initiate of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Mechanicus Fleet (detached duty, foray)

Brief: Born to a lower-city scavenger family. Displayed remarkable technical aptitude and ingenuity at an early age. Discovered by Tech-Priest Gastoras Hadrian at age 10 and returned with the consent of his parents to the Mechanicus Fleet 0.548.799/M41. Has progressed through the Cult Mechanicus quickly, displaying an admirable lust for knowledge. Designed and built many of his own implants with the assistance of higher-ranking Tech Priests. Initial augmentation and training completed 0.776.814/M41. Currently detatched on foray to the Korunus Expanse.

Last known location: Port Wander

Anthony Sergeijovich Lermanov

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