The Vault of Dreams

Who are those guys?

Pre-dawn, it is midnight dark. The western sky glows a deep burnt umber.

The group is busy loading up the ‘Hog with extra medi-kits and extra weapons if they find anyone at all.

As dawn breaks the sky is overcast and a mood-less grey. Without proper training or equipment one would be easily lost in a place such as this.

As they depart they tear once again through the dense underbrush. The going was a bit easier as yesterday’s excursion carved a pathway through the bush. Lumbering through they came to the location where they fought the creatures the previous evening. Upon a quick inspection of the site, the xeno bodies appear to have been dragged off….Why?

Continuing up the hills into a valley. The thick vegetation gave way to stone, shale, and slate. The rocks were dry and loose. The warthog is began to show signs of stress. They came to a point where J.T. had to attempt to power the ‘Hog up the slope to crest a ridge. The warthog pitched and the Lord-captain lost control careening the vehicle off the edge of a steep cliff. Everyone bailed out and with the exception of Lucius, most suffered only minor crapes and bruises.

The team collected all they could carry from the ‘Hog and continued heading up by foot.

Lucius has a knack for noticing things that others might be completely ignorant of. He got the feeling they were being watched. He spotted someone hidden behind a boulder ahead. Fanning out and taking cover, Lucius, Chief Ruby, and Lermanov train their attention and weapons upon the hidden aggressor.

The Lord-captain lights a tobac cigar and comfortably surveys the situation. Two figures high up the valley wall stepped out from a hidden location. Even from this distance it was obvious they were well armed and heavily armored.



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