The Vault of Dreams


Lucius, Chief, J.T., Lermanov, Aristeus. In Martha. Madam Charlabelle Armélan to remain in synchronized orbit above our landing zone.

Lush verdant landscape. Low rolling piedmont mountainous landscape covers much of the surface….difficult to traverse but not impossible.

Scanning it’s surface for signs of life/energy patterns. Located a crash site of what we believe to be the Crucible of Pain. A close up inspection is done and a LZ is determined. A week signal is detected.

Omega, Thunder, and Grace of Sofa medicae are brought down to the surface of “5”. Set up defenses. Command crew saddled up in the warthog and heading in the direction of the signal.

A very bumpy ride…

Being trailed by two larger than human life forms. They appeared to be tracking the team in a hunting pattern…

Stop the ’Hog and powered down the engine. Ruby “mans” the warthog’s turret. Lermanov sends out servo skulls. J.T. and Lermanov break for cover.

Rak’gol Marauders and Renders 2 of them…nope 5. Chief unleashes two heavy barrages while Lermanov and JT hit with well placed shots. Ruby annihilates two of them…

Nope…7… When the xenos make melee contact, the team finds them to be ferocious and able to withstand massive amounts of damage.



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