The Vault of Dreams

The secret of Kobras 5

Hiding out in the ruined city.

After deliberating about the best course of action, J.T.‘s and his team decide to move out in search of communications equipment. They leave one riflemen behind to watch over their wounded comrade. The rest of the team take a stroll through the city, narrowly avoiding combat with a squad of Rak’Gol.

Further ahead a temple and an unusually defaced statue of saint Kobrasus (Or something) is found, along with an administrative building. Lucius takes a special interest in the administrative building. After scouting the area he begins searching for any intact information or any subterranean tunnels in or around the building.

Meanwhile Lermonov locates a downed communication antenna via Bob the Skull. J.T. and Lermonov head straight to the antenna to make contact with the Gun Cutter. Ruby takes a rooftop to watch for any approaching threats, and Iosefa follows Lucious into a sublevel where he finds a locked data cache. Lucius cracks the lock, and Iosefa gives the huge door a big push. Inside all manner of books and papers can be found filed away as well as two unpowered cogitators. Lucius can’t help but smile as he enters the room and he immediately begins searching for any relevant data.

Lermonov the human battery manages to power up the antenna and send a concise but very efficient message to coordinate the pickup of the wounded rifleman. The now drained Lermonov heads back to the administrative building along with the Lord Captain. They meet up with Lucius and Iosefa. Lucius found several sheets of city plans and locates a nearby generator and a path to it via the underground tunnel network. Lermonov heads off with Iosefa to deal with the generator hoping he doesn’t have to spend hours fixing it. After successfully fixing and fuling the generator power is restored for a short time. The moment the cogitators come on line Lucious begins mining for relevant data as quickly as he can.

After the power runs out and the cogitators die. And having copied what he could to his data slates J.T. asks Lucius what happened here. Lucius looks up at the Lord Captain and says one word “U’Vath”

J.T.’s team navigates the tunnels to make a quick stop at the governors house. While searching the house Lucius fills in J.T., Lermonov, and Ruby on some of the details of what happened here. They pick up some journals one of which will need to be decrypted later.

They Head outside the city and begin the trek back to the caves to resupply and rest and to explain to Iosefa about this new and rather unique threat.

Next stop installation A#23, a mine, and what is most likely a large underground U’Vath artifact.



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