The Vault of Dreams

The Search for Manfred

Lermanov sent the now captured servitor to the Ark of Hope. Through deciphering the recording of Petriana, the team found that Manfred was moved to a space probe which is floating around Footfall. Lermanov and Lucius work to discover it’s exact location.

Back to the Ark of Hope. Suit up board Martha and head to probe. While nearing the probe the gun-cutter takes a near direct hit from floating debris.

A quick security check. Lermanov adjusts the machine spirit to make Martha appear as a common shuttle.

Docking at the probe. Simple small shuttle bay. Air locks seal.

Open the gun-cutter‘s loading hatch. Chief, Lermanov, and Lucius are in assault position when hatch opens. As they move out the Lord-captain joins the ensuing battle.

The command crew performs at near perfection dispatching the enemy guards with multiple head shots.

A final guard is pinned down and we take him prisoner.

Gag, blind and bind prisoner. Keep him just inside Martha’s cargo hatch.

The team proceeds down an open corridor.

Lermanov hacked into system to find Manfred.

A clever deception has Lermanov assaulting through access tunnel…the Chief and The Lord-captain down one lift; and Lucius hidden on a second lift. The local security pictor screen will be displaying the team coming down the lift which is seemingly empty. As the defenders realize their mistake Chief Ruby and J.T. assault the opposite entrance. As their attention is diverted Lucius is to drop down from the “empty” lift and add to the disruption.

Lifts open, the assault proceeded almost as planned.

Manfred was bound and gagged in center of the room.

More head shots and death as enemies were taken apart by precise weapon discharges, bold rushes and hallucinogen grenades.

Lermanov’s hallucinogen grenades, causing flapping thugs trying to fly

The fight rages on.



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