The Vault of Dreams

Securing the final level and taking the station...

Now in position we began moving in to take the nezt level.

Lerminov and Jerry took the lead of Omega and Thunder. They were to move in stealthely and set upon two groups of enemies under moderate cover. It was to provide a small distraction while I lead the naval troops on a frontal assault.

Omega slipped up dropping one of their heavy stubbers, drawing the unwanted attention of las rifle and heavy weapons fire. They scattered to take cover.

Thunder attacked the group of las-riflemen, laying down a burst fire driving the enemy units back.

Though it wasn’t exactly as planned the slight diversion helped.

The naval units under my command moved in with incredible swiftness and brave action. They administered quick control over the shock troopers that were entrenched, guarding the two stairwells that led onto the deck. The crewmen’s daring advance quickly overwhelmed the defenders with shotguns blasts, eliminating dozens of enemy targets.

Ruby and Lucius, with Reginald in hand lead the remaining Svard and Aquinus units and finished cleansing the lower levels of Cog, freeing it of the heretic scum.

The moment I received confirmation of facility secured, I headed directly back to The Artemis in sobering need of rest and recovery as my wounds haven’t quite healed from my previous encounter.

Convalescing in my chambers, I received a vox communique from Keel. He was presently en route to The Artemis and near docking. I gave him leave to do so. I received him in my stratagem room calmly while he acted in an outraged manner demanding results of his missing envoy.

His fixation on this envoy conveys the impression that there might be some kind of personal connection. Seems to me, that might be the sort of thing that would get a man so heated.

After his tirade I permitted him to depart and recalled the command crew and active Thunder and Omega troops. We left Svard crew on Cog to occupy, assess damages, and begin repairs.

The moment the command crew was aboard I instructed the helm officer to make for our pre determined location of Installation 23. I gave the command crew 6 hours to rest and wash up.

A quick briefing with the command crew explained our next move.

When nearing our nav coordinates I took control of the helm. Jerry began scanning with the Artemis’ Augury and to be expected, Installation 23 was not where we had thought. Our notion was that it had been pulled further into the storm, closer to the star by gravitational force.

In our continued attempts to locate I-23 we discovered a pitching, spinning vessel of unknown origin. The Artemis pulled against my controls as she wanted to engage the ship in aggressions. (She has a temper like you wouldn’t believe) I have a discerning trust in her and so crediting her spirits I made for an intercept course.

Scans indicated a very faint power source. Like the beat of a heart it appeared to be keeping the pitching ships life support barely active.

Ships com Forwarded the augury datum on to The Hand of Redemption, a feverish response from Keel demanded that we board this ship. He decidedly believed that the envoy will be here. Again this fixation…

It is worth taking a look for multiple reasons.

Martha refueled, I sent the command crew with our Astropath Transendent to dock with and infiltrate the ship. Reports of the situation will be made via vox com directly to my personal link from Aristeaus. I am counting on the command crew to investigate with extreme scrutiny and caution.

I will expect a full report from each of them when they return.

Meanwhile I will monitor the situation from the bridge and rest this body, for this flesh is weak and requires time to heal.



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