The Vault of Dreams

Out Of The Frying Pan...

Is everybody strapped in? Its going to get a bit bumpy...

With claxons blaring, the crack and hiss of laz-fire and the concussive explosions of bolter rounds detonating in soft wet flesh…the battle rages on. The space probe is hurtling toward open space….away from the system’s void shields threatening the command crew and all aboard with a sizzling death. The command crew makes quick work of the enemy, mopping up the rest of the defending thugs.

The Lermanov attempts to stop the space probe’s trajectory while the Lord-captain commands the tech crew of the station to board the gun cutter.

The command crew and remaining techs board the gun-cutter, all buckle down for a bumpy ride. Lermanov secures Manfred’s limp and shattered body.

A light paltry collision departing the docking bay.

As the Gun-cutter leaps out into the void she scrapes part of the hull against the docking bay doors. Lermanov worked to enhance the gun-cutter’s scanners so J.T. can pilot more effectively back to the Ark of Hope.

Alert indicators lighting up on the co-pilots cogitators warn of an inbound space vehicle bearing Two-Zero-Two-Niner. It was moving at attack velocity strait at the gun-cutter and her crew.

The J.T.’s attempts to out maneuver and Chief Ruby’s tries to outgun the attacking Fury class Interceptor were cut short when devastating hit slammed into the Gun-cutter.

The quick thinking Lucius took control of vox-com and contacted the closest Footfall defensive probe. He successfully deceived the local station into believing that footfall was under attack by pirate scouts in Fury class Interceptors.

The Lord-captain throttled the Gun-cutter toward the defensive probe at max speed.

Targeting the inbound Interceptor, the defensive probe’s heavy defensive turrets open up just behind the Gun-cutter. The barrage effectively gave the command crew an escape route back to the Ark of Hope.

After docking the Gun-cutter inside the Arc of Hope the captain ordered the preservation and preparation services for the fallen Manfred Von Manstein.

Then orders were given for the tech’s now on board the Ark of Hope to undergo intensive scrutinization.

The tech workers were then offered skilled labor and management positions working for the Aquinus on Svard. Their official swearing to the Aquinus and Imperium shortly followed. They were encouraged to bring their families and spread the word to other skilled and non-skilled laborers.


Well done. Thanks.

Out Of The Frying Pan...

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