The Vault of Dreams

Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!

Damnit! we need a pilot!

The Lord-captain gave a wave to the two on the ridge, it was returned with a peaceful gun-held-high salute.

As the two scuttled down the loose gravel slope, J.T. moved up to greet them. They were wearing blue armor etched with red ancient Terra-tribal detailing. Their faces were similarly tattooed with the patterns, giving them a war like and intimidating disposition.

Massive but clearly human stock, the lead man introduced himself as Iosefa Betoatoa, the leader of a fierce band of mercenaries called Mo’o Pololu.

A brief chat between the two leaders and soon the party was escorted up hill to the Mo‘o Pololu hold out. They walked through a network of caves that was well defended but poorly supplied. The Mo’o Pololu leader invited them to his war chamber and shared Amasec. The Lord-captain shared in fair trade, a tobac cigar with the imposing warrior clan leader.

Following a high steaks negotiation J.T. charmed ………….. able to employ the Mo’o Pololu for at least the remainder of their stay on “5”. Through further discussion the team found that Iosefa and his men were hired by a man known only as Darkhand. They had been attacked by ships of unknown origin. As far as he was aware, Iosefa and his 400 men were all that had not perished in the attack. The frigate they traveled on was confirmed as the Crucible of Pain, which was the wreckage they had already found.

A small gift of arms and ammunition were given to Iosefa to solidify their arrangement. A warrior handshake sealed the deal.

The commanders began preparing the mobilization of the 400 men back to base camp. Lermanov took a small contingent to retrieve the fallen Warthog and the rest it’s equipment.

!! An emergency vox came from Madame Armélan in orbit over “5”. Two inbound unidentified frigate sized vessels. “Unidentified as in Xenotype.”…the order was given to run and return with support.

Change of plans 20 mercs and the command crew headed back to base camp. The rest of Iosefa’s men were to clear a crash-landing zone. Vox command to Volpes .. Break camp. Load supplies and crew into the bulk lander, we are on our way. We will be advancing to a superior position.

The command crew and mercenaries made it back in 5hrs.

Madicae ordered to board the gun-cutter and were transported to Iosefa’s camp headquarters in Mo’o Pololu Valley. They had to rapid deploy from the cutter while it was still in the air.

The bulk-lander was being loaded up with heavy weapons, rations, medicae supplies, and standard Imperial issue bulk supply crates.

For the lack of a superior pilot J.T. again must rely on his less than assured skills to pilot the bulk-lander to the valley’s new designated LZ. As he is attempting to maneuver and set the vehicle down as soft as possible he arcs the front bumper manifold to high and the pressure forces it to burst from its housing causing The lander to loose altitude rapidly during the landing process. The lander’s nose smashed into the hillside throwing debris everywhere…



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