The Vault of Dreams

Lethal Engagement

Two fire teams of six mercenaries embedded themselves in trenches downhill from the crash site.

Warthog has made one trip up with supplies and has begun it’s return trip. It is loaded with personnel to help bring equipment back to cave network.

Lermanov and Zir began engineering the crashed bulk loader to distract the Rak’gol, and rigging the thrusters into a massive explosive flame thrower.

Chief Ruby took command of the third fire team. She was set to support fire teams 1 and 2.

The Warthog had returned for another load.

Lord-captain Aquinus ordered non-combatants into swift crews arranging them to work most efficiently.

Bob the Skull made visual contact with incoming hostiles. Ranged enemies approaching fire team 1 and 2.

All fire teams open fire.

J.T. ran to fire team 3 to support the Chief and her crew of mercenaries.

The ’Hog takes off again, fully loaded.

Mean while, the teams are putting everything they have into the closing enemies.

Hog returns…

Loading up triple-time.

Lucius completes his audio diversion with great success.

Lermanov finishes his trap.

Teams 1 and 2 tactical scoop and shoot retreat.

Team three with Chief and JT covering teams one and two then retreating back toward ‘Hog, killing as they go.

Team 2 engages enemy in melee combat and are decimated.

Fire team 1 and 3 make it to hog.

Distraction is working perfectly.

Command crew melting away into night.

More contacts reported by bob.

Climbing up boulder field…bright burning roaring…a rumble that shakes the mountainside. Sending loose debris scuttling down the slope. A massive light and explosion…. The hillside looked as if the Spacewolves themselves had just released an aerial bombardment.

Smoke and heat rush uphill to greet the command crew.

4 mercs with J.T. and Lermanov. Anything attempting to follow has to cross a small portion of hell.



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