The Vault of Dreams

Into the dark


At Dragon Hold. A rainy foggy dawn.

Dimly lit war room. Glow globes hovering about casting dim light upon the group gathered around a small makeshift rock slab table…splayed out upon it are pieces, parts, and equipment of recovered data-slates and the like…

The Lord-captain while deciphering some content from Lord-governor Danchek’s personal journal shares the information with Lermanov . The two uncover information regarding that the Lord governor of the system was selected by Inquisitor Kobras Aquirre who also held a Warrant of Trade issued by the High Lords of Terra.

Small grainy map projected from the holo-display referencing the side of a mountain near the A-23 facility. Perhaps a maintenance or ventilation shaft.

Select a detachment, requisition arms and equipment, mount up. In warthog with trailer. Command crew, 1 sapper, Iosefa, and a hell of a lot of explosives. Embarking for A-23

A three day excursion over extreme terrain. Lermanov sent Bob scouting ahead ,,,finds two Rak’gol guarding the entrance to the shaft that we have been looking for. They are seemingly uninterested in what they are doing there. Picking at stones and pebbles milling about like lowhab scum mongrels scavenging for scraps of nutrition.

As we set up Iosefa and the sapper Jose Juan Abostista Mountain Dew Comacho take the right flank, the chief and Lermanov the Left, and Lucius and I set up in the center.

Lermanov has bob attach some shoddy fabric to a monofilament line. he moves in silently to attract the attention of the beasts. The servo skull tosses the baited line toward the beast standing closest to the entrance of the shaft. It reacts by predicting the source of the rag missile and clambers instantly up the slope and searches for its prey. Bob disappears.

Lermanov tosses a stone toward the center of our kill zone. Which attracts the attention of both monsters and they speed toward us limbs writhing and shifting like giant Tanathian sub-hab roaches.

All are awaiting my command to open fire.

Waiting…waiting. Kill them.

Both my pistols aimed dead on the one charging my position. I pull the triggers – My Plasma pistol has an over serge, heating to white hot temperatures. Dropping it immediately also caused me to misfire my las-pistol blasting a shot directly into the mountain rock. The rest of the crew unleashed a multitude of solid rounds and explosives upon the beasts eliminating the threat efficiently and quickly. The officers are getting quite good at killing these Rak’gol. I will have to require all of them to disclose all their personal engagements. Such information is quite valuable to the Inquisition.

Bob hovered silently into the cave entrance and began mapping a route for us.

After Ruby and Jose Juan Abostista Mountain Dew Comacho covered the ‘Hog as best they could hiding it somewhere near by, we entered what we now determined to be a ventilation shaft.

Our traverse into the cave system was cramped.

We were into six hours before we decided ton take time to check weapons, consume some rations and review are situation.

Continuing on our excursion we traveled another standard 24 hours. It was a wet slippery labyrinth of natural rock and mining tunnels. As we descended deeper into the bowels of the mountain images came to mind of the Space Wolves and their might fortress. Though here, it felt dark, and something began tingling at the back of my mind. Crystalline deposits were beginning to form along the walls of the caves.

Ahead Bob found something and urged us on toward his destination. We came to a wall formed by shards of crystal that was instantly recognizable as warp spawn crystals of the U’vath.

After several failed attempts at breaking through the crystal using brute force I tried a more subtle approach. I simply commanded the crystal to open. Quite to my surprise the crystal wall separated before our eyes. Without hesitation I stepped through. A narrow pathway of jade colored crystals refraction light. A slight glow come from within the crystals themselves. As the rest of my retinue entered we found that bob lost power almost immediately. Checking the power cells on our weapons indicated a loss of power on all forms of plasma and energy weapons including both Articulus and Tizona. It was dark and back lit…another thought occurred to me and a spoke a command word. “Illuminate!” and the crystalline walls and structures came to life with a warm glow that did indeed illuminate the entire chamber which we were in.

Pillars around the room an altar with something enclosed inside.

Inside the pillars…dim shapes…a ring of what appear to be runes. Around the sarcophagus. Te room’s light gaining in intensity…the pillars exploding and from within come the warp accursed bodies of former civilians and one that resists ight fit the description of the Lord-governor…he carried awatch

The atrocity rising from the glowing spherical blue-jade light from the sarcophagus…the animated undead attacking us…a horror formed from the bodies of the deceased it’s legs like that of a hoofed animal knees bent backward and its bones and flesh rotting…

Eradicating the aggressors via sword and solid projectile rounds…

the Fear took hold of Cody again putting him on the run…while Ruby had seemed to leave her weapons behind. Truly the warp must be having an influence upon my Entourage.

…high quality watch with the Emperors Aquila emblem craftily worked inro its cover. It was carried by what we are lead to believe was the former Lord-governor. His resistance to the warp suggests that he had the strength of will to suppress it for longer than the minds of the common pedestrians.

The next chamber…

Resting upon a lone crystalline pedestal is a perfectly symmetrical, ice blue, egg shaped crystal resting in the exact center. To what it’s purpose is I know not. For the moment we left it resting in place.

Upon the second

A shorter half circular pedestal in this room. A single disk held vertically. I decided to relieve the artifacts from their resting places as such objects most have invaluable worth. I carried them on my person

The entrance to the next room, a gateway. It is large and sealed. Again it yields before my command. And opens to a tunnel opening to a great chamber ascending and descending to depths and heights we can not judge. Spanning it and leading to the other side is a bridge made of smooth gem-like crystals.

Above are patrolling glowing orbs of monochromatic gaseous color. “Crystal wisps. Data-vores.” Chimes in Lucius, pointing out the quite dangerous. Nature of the entities. They would rob the mind of a victim’s memory. To what extent I am not willing to find out.

Lucius seems to think that we have to cross. there is something very important in the next room. And my savant is rarely wrong about such feelings. Ruby dashes across first and the rest of us follow. While the team turns to fight the creatures I make my way across to protect the artifacts which are now in my possession. Ounce safely across I too take a shot at the floating targets.

After exterminating the opposing floating data-vores the power sources of our weapons returned to a full charge. Not only do these data-vores sustain themselves on the thoughts and minds of their victims, but must have derive some force from surrounding energies…I am certain the information I and the team have been recording will also be of great value.

If we make it out alive.



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