The Vault of Dreams

Feast and Famine

The daring command crew infiltrate installation 23

Report filed in ship’s pilot’s data log—permissions:MVManstein12

Entry 327a:

Especially after the events of the last several days which were taxing both mentally and physically to say the least it was nice to get a respite from action for a day or two. Thankfully I have not been wounded as many of my comrades have been and I attribute this to my skill, speed and luck. Let’s just hope that my luck remains resolute.

Today I have received another call to arms. We have been able to finally pinpoint the location of instillation 23 on the arrays. Sadly our comrades on the Hand of Redemption are not as skilled on the auguries as we it seems as they drifted too close to the station and were severely damaged by lance battery fire. Luckily for us I doubt they will give me and Martha any trouble. Entry b will be logged providing I survive the days events.

Entry 327b: (automatically dictated by remote)(awaiting upload)

We entered the system with little trouble despite the rather nasty particle storm raging around the station. With a successful strafing run and a well executed roll I was able to dock the ship at our desired location. Immediately the Lord Captain sent our secondary team to attempt to retake the lance battery installation and we made directly for control.

Comrade Lermanov was able to find us a route that kept us free of conflict until we came to the grand entrance hall to the control block. The hall was crawling with perhaps 8 heavily armed and well trained heretics as well as two agile walkers sporting bolt cannons. Thankfully due to the now months of working together in similar situations we were able to spread out quickly and using both my deadly skill with my bolter and my comrades with their swords, axes, guns and flamers we destroyed the menace in the hall in a few short minutes.

We stacked their bodies high to create a barricade against further hostility as we opened the grand command doors but we were uncontested. Inside was a grand staircase that led to the control module. Inside we, at long last found envoy Kale who had been directly possessed by the entity who called himself simply ‘the whisperer’. Kale’s body was subdued and removed from the block my Lermanov and Lord Captain Aquinas called me to the control panel where he as spotted something troubling. Indeed there was a extremely large contact on the long range scanners and the vid screen confirmed, we were being beset by an absolutely massive crystalline dreadnought.

I estimate that it will be within range to annihilate both the instillation here and our supporting vessels in roughly one hours time. We must find a way to neutralize this threat, for not only the sake of Svard but for the sake of the galaxy.

awaiting further input



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