The Vault of Dreams

Departure from Footfall and translation to the warp

Translation takes longer than estimated- three weeks. Escorted by Madam Charlabelle Armélan and the Grace of Sopha…Abel Garret did not join us…he is pursuing another venture…

Svard – Red carpet
Provisions have arrived three weeks prior. People of Svard seem to be more hearty and the general attitude of the scant population has picked up.

Shipwrights to Cog and Lermanov to supervise the repairs to the Artemis….11 weeks.

Dinner and further negotiations with Madam Charlabelle …She tells us of Cirrus Malificum and XMP 12698…Rumors reports potential arceo-Tech Find…she can’t do it alone. She cannot afford another failure. She needs to partner with us to succeed.

Message sent to Abel offering to join us a t a 33.3% profits. He is engaged but can make it but to not wait for him.

Crew is distributed and the Ark of hope is fully staffed with a competent crew.

Navigators begin charting a course to XMP-12698 system to find Archeotype civilization.

19 days through the warp to our destination.

Very stable for this region of “space” in excess of 20 planets of star…only one planet within bio zone of star. Known as XMP 12698-5 or simply 5.

Synchronized orbit over planet.

Small probe discovered in orbit of “5”. a vox message imbedded in a data-packet.

It was a distress signal and the message indicated that the Crucible of Pain, a Raider class ship had left the probe. It was registered as a merc vessel. It held no warrant for this region of space. It may have been operating under another Trader’s warrant …or perhaps is a rogue vessel itself.

The signal has been broadcasting in orbit for two weeks…



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