The Vault of Dreams

Back to Base Camp

After the brief encounter the Chief and J.T. bind the remaining live creature using grapples, and rope. They lash it to the Hog and head back to base camp. The Rak’gol has managed to nearly wriggle its way free from its bindings. They team quickly realizes they are going to need a far more durable cage to secure the beast.

Contact Armélan, research her librarium for any Historical contact with the Rak’gol.

Have Thunder and Omega Re-equip with heavier weapons.

Bring down tech engineers….have Lermanov design and oversee the construction of a cage for the xeno beastie. The Chief and the Lord-captain had to rebind the creature as it continued to slice through its bindings. An injection was administered to help subdue it…then a couple of Grapple hooks were wedged in its flesh and it was restrained with plasteel chain.

The team of techpriests and enginseers finished remarkably quickly and with great success.

The team rests up for the rest of the evening.



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