The Vault of Dreams

After the battle…

Back at Iosefa’s cave overlooking Mo'o Pololu Valley.

Iosefa Joined the team at the mouth of the cave. He wore his full armor and was armed with his massive shock-hammer. An impressive and intimidating site, his roaring dragon helm added to his height and size.

Chief Ruby assisted the demolitions team setting up charges and wiring it a safe distance. The Chief’s hands on crash course in demolitions.

A field apothicarium had been set up, and several of the team had been treated.

Meanwhile, Isoefa has two by two teams mapping the cave system.

After a breif chat with Iosefa, J.T. asked Lermanof to demonstrate the usefulness of his Servo skull. He sent “Bob’ off to scan-map the entire cave system.

Back near the apothicarium the Command Crew were getting some much needed rest after the few days of high intensity fighting and bushwhacking. A few hours into their slumber Lermanov received a signal from “Bob”. It had found something that appeared quite “un”natural.

Lermanov roused the command crew and explained the situation. They suited up and headed off to find “Bob“.

During their walk the team discussed the possibilities of communicating with the ships in orbit upon their return. In order to do so they would need to enhance the signal from the Lord-captains vox communicator to reach beyond orbit. It may be possible to create a plan for them to get off the planet and deal with the Rak’Gol on a more even playing field if they can find a way of boosting the vox range.

Their path lead them to a short natural vertical shaft which they repelled down. It was dark and the air was damp. A small tunnel opened up into an aquifer. Off to their left was a small six meter chamber. This is where they found “Bob”.

It was hovering near the far end of the chamber excitedly humming and buzzing at what it had illuminated. A wall. Flat, chiseled out using relatively primitive means. On the wall was some sort of writing engraved there by the same or similar tools.

After a few moments of discussing what they were looking at, the crew had decided that what was written was a very dated form of Low Gothic. In fact it was dated (approximately) 176.M41. That is over 500 years ago. It appears to be the last inscription of the last surviving colonists of Cobras 5.

There was also a list of names. Names which have been recorded by the servo-skull and stored by Lermanov. At a later date we shall honor these colonists by passing on this information to the administratum.

The inscription also described a small number of colonists retreating from something, whom must have died later from of lack of supplies.

Also discovered chiseled into the wall was a map. Quite a horrible map really. It was difficult to tell from its land marks which direction was polar north. There was a single large star on it indicating what we thought might be a capital city, Karthas.

Lucius informed the team of a one Cobras Aquairre. A legendary figure whom was not only an Inquisitor but also a Trader. Rare indeed. He was declared dead around …..M41 on Port Wander.

The team returned to question Iosefa regarding the capital city marked on the map, and planet and his previous contract. He explained that he knew where this city was. And that he could get us there in approximately one standard Imperial week.

J.T. assembled the command crew and everyone suited up. Extra provisions and med-kits were packed for itwould take a week on foot, pending navigation. Iosefa was indeed very excited to join the expedition to Karthas. He selected two of his riflemen to join the group. Departure was mid-afternoon.

After a three day the climb down, the landscape opened to thicker leaves and thornier bush. Green and lush again were our surroundings but a little less so than the other side of the ridges. More of an arid climate and a bit easier to breathe in.

On occasion J.T. and the crew caught a glimpse of the wildlife. Whip tailed tree climbing long toed herbivores and small twittering feathered creatures flitted about the trees chattering away at each other in a light playful manner. A small heard of tall six legged short snouted herbivores were noted near us and quite unaffected by our human presence. We also managed a few picts of a majestic bird of prey perched high in an old dead coniferous tree from a long dead era. It’s ruby crested head was held high scanning the forest canopy. Just before it stretched out it’s powerful set of double wings it glanced down and watched us equally as curious at these strange creatures shuffling their way through his forest. Then it’s launched itself from it’s regal perch and opened it’s wings. Truly magnificent it was, gleaming a bright red, orange, and yellow. Its feathers appeared ablaze reflecting the hues of the setting sun.

By the 4th day the mountains were behind them and they were well into rolling hills which opened to tall grassland.

by the 5th day flat tallgrass.

Structures in the horizon were spotted.

Single file march toward city. Mid day.

As the group approached the city, structures toward center appeared to be more of classic Imperial in design.

They entered the city in a tactical advance.

“Bob the Skull” hovered to higher ground to take a look. He nudged into a loose glass windowpane and sent it crashing to the floor. It grabbed the attention of unwanted aggressors.

Incoming Rak’gol. The team spread out and set up defensive positions.

A booby trap using “Bob” as bait. A massive hammer to a xeno skull. Head shots and of course the unbelievable actions of the hero known as Anthony Sergeijovich Lermanov…

The drooling xenon, interrupted by something scratching it’s armored exoskull, raised it’s head glaring up from the groaning bloody body of which it was going to slake itself upon. It focused on it’s new prey hidden behind a inconsequential obstacle.

Lermanov leaned back around after placing a few well placed rounds into a Rak’gol’s torso and head. With a triumphant smile he looked back into their close quarters makeshift bunker and glanced at the Lord-captain. “I hit it! In the head.” After dispatching the Rak’gol running at them, J.T. smiled toward Lermanov to congratulate him only to see Lermanov’s triumphant pearly’s turn to a look of steel resolve.

WHHHHOMP!!! A concussive shower of dark green hem lymph and gore covered everthing in the tight little bunker. A dead ringing in the ear. Remarkable.

Man down. The last of the immediate threat is eliminated.


Nice work. Thanks for remembering the wildlife.

Kobras Aquairre was pronounced officially dead on Port Wander in 155.M41. No one know where and when he really died. His fleet was never recovered. No doubt, there are some who would like it recovered.

After the battle…

The inscription on the wall back at the cave was dated 176.M41. There has to be a connection.

After the battle…

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