The Vault of Dreams

A Very Tense Situation

J.T. took some bruising and suffered a bloody gash on the forehead. Lermanov helped him out…patched him up.

The loading bay door on the Lifter was partially buried and partially wrenched and twisted. The debris had to be removed, and the rest of the door had to be cut out with a plasma-cutter.

A team of Iosefa’s men set up to demo out the buried door frame using small explosives. J.T. had Iosefa then set up supply chain to unload lifter.

JT took command of the Aquinus 22 and organized them into small work crews. He kept them organized and efficient.

The Chief lead a group of mercenaries and set up defensive positions using her knowledge of imperial… They Spread out and creating a line of defense digging trenches and storing munitions cashes …., for the onslaught of xenos was inevitable.

Lucius continuously scanned the immediate area using his hand held auspex, searching for signs of enemy movement.

Chief Ruby and her command of mercenaries setting up defenses anticipating incoming enemies.

An eerie foreboding wailing sound echoed off the valley walls. Perhaps some kind of xeno drop ships?

Teams moved in to blast rock and get loading bay doors open.

Multiple reports of possible contact. The door was freed.

Confirmed incoming hostiles. .. .



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