The Vault of Dreams

A party with Tanthus

Fun at a fancy party and on planet 5.

Back on footfall after looking around to find sellers for various ship components, we revived an invitation to a get together at Tanthus Moross’ palace. Lucius, J.T., and Carvooth accepted the invitation and left for Tanthus’ palace. There we mingled with several of the other Rogue Traders and merchants.

Some information was gathered and possible future business partners were found. Talked for a bit with one Abel Gerrit who might be interested in assisting us in the future. Vladum Kortar approached Lucius with offers to buy or trade any ‘interesting’ items we might find. Lucius also offered to help Vladum and a few others in the future if they were ever in need.

Lucius also talked to Tanthus Moross failing to get any information on the Kalius family, he did manage to convince him to erase any records of the Arc of Hope being in Footfall. Before we left we were also approached by Lady Charlabelle. She wanted help refinding some Archeo-tech find someone had made before. Sounds like a trap but our curiosity got the better of us and we agreed.

After making arrangements for restocking crew, and some last minute buying of equipment we were off to Svard. We checked out Svard everything seemed to be in order. We discussed with Lady Charlabelle the details of this Archeo-tech cache. We offered Gerrit a spot in our expedition but he had other things to attend to.

So we set out with the Arc of Hope and Charlabelle’s ship. Finally we set off for planet XMP-12698-5. After uneventful warp travel we arrived at our destination. Scanning revealed a destroyed ship had crashed into the planet. Our team landed to investigate. During our search we were attacked buy very large and fast Xenos. Nearly sliced us to bits, but by the grace of the God-Emperor we manged to destroy the Xenos without any loss of life.



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